VirtualBox can't autoresize after Linux upgraded, Problem solution.

Today, after my Debian upgraded and restarted, my VirtualBox can't autoresize(resolution locked) anymore. No matter how much time I restarted it still can't work. After a little while log traced, I finally found the problem: the "dkms" builds was out-of-date. So, what I have to do is just rebuild it to fit my new linux distro. Take a note if it happen next time.

Here are the procedures:

  1. apt-get remove dkms Uninstall the "dkms" packages. After it done, restart VM just in case.
  2. Rebuild all vbox guest tool dependencies $ apt-get install dkms $ apt-get install virtualbox-guest-dkms aufs-dkms
  3. Restart again, done.

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